Training centre

House of Insulation

OOI is the only fund in the Netherlands that has its own training institute, where we give training and courses in the field of insulation. Our training centre, which is also known as the House of Insulation, is intended for students and for employees already working in the insulation sector. The training centre has several lecture rooms, practice rooms and an outdoor practice set-up. This enables participants to immediately apply the lessons they have been taught in practice. With its various practice rooms and outdoor practice set-up, the House of Insulation offers good facilities for practising. The outdoor practice set-up offers starting insulation installers a great opportunity to practise with insulation work. In the House of Insulation students can get acquainted with their future work environment and insulation professionals can develop their expertise further.


The OOI’s training centre is housed in the Intechnium building in Woerden. The Intechnium building is home to various engineering-related (knowledge) organisations. OOI has the following rooms available within the Intechnium building:

  • Lecture room: This room is used by OOI as a lecture room and meeting room.
  • Practice room 1: This practice room has industrial boilers and set-ups with piping to enable practising with insulation work.
  • Practice room 2: This practice room has various types of machinery for making sheet metal parts, so it can be used to practise with hammering out sheet metal. The room also has various set-ups with piping to enable practising with thermal insulation work.
Training centre

Korenmolenlaan 4, 3447 GG in Woerden