Omschrijving / Description

If you have the ambition to achieve professional growth, this course offers you the opportunity to learn more about reading drawings, specifically focused on non-residential buildings.

Resultaat / Result

You will learn how to read structural drawings and system drawings used in the non-residential building sector. You will also learn how to identify the routes of pipes and ducts from drawings.

Doelgroep / Audience

Intended for beginning insulation installers who have been working in the non-residential building sector for a very short time or who want to deepen their expertise to prepare themselves for career advancement.

Inhoud / Content

The course is a mix of theory and practice:

    • Background on the construction process and position of insulation companies in this process
    • Structural drawings with a key, shadings and symbols
    • Exercises with structural drawings and a concluding assignment
    • Systems in the non-residential building sector
    • System drawings with a key, symbols and abbreviations
    • Acoustic and fire-resistant insulation
    • Exercises in sketching American and isometric projections
    • Exercises in transposing and converting American projections to isometric projections
    • Exercises with system drawings.


Examen / Exam

The theoretical part is concluded with a test in the form of an assignment. The practical assignment is assessed and participants who pass both the theory test and practical test will receive an OOI certificate.

Vooropleiding / Pre-training

This course requires quite a quite extensive work experience in the non-residential building sector.


The course dates vary, and will be scheduled in mutual consultation. The course is given at the OOI training centre and in-company. A maximum of six participants must have registered for this course.


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