Omschrijving / Description

This course you will teach you all the basic principles for the processing of Thermaflex sheet material for larger pipes and appendages in refrigeration systems. This course covers all techniques available to make systems vapour tight and energy-efficient.

Resultaat / Result

This course will teach you the basic principles you need to grasp to carry out all tasks involved in the application of Thermaflex insulation sheet material in refrigeration systems.

Doelgroep / Audience

Intended for all insulation installers.

Inhoud / Content

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part:


    • Tools for processing sheet material
    • General processing
    • Processing for air conditioning and refrigeration applications
    • The right way of gluing parts together


    • Two-part bend 90°
    • Bend 45°
    • T-piece 90°
    • T-piece 45°
    • Reducer
    • One-sided reducer
    • Shut-off valve
    • Tank


Examen / Exam

The course is concluded with a practical and theoretical test. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an OOI certificate. The work pieces made for the practical test will be assessed based on all the created components.

Vooropleiding / Pre-training

You must have the 'Insulation Installer' certificate or 'Processor / Elastomers 1' OOI certificate, or have extensive experience with elastomers.


The course dates vary, and will be scheduled in mutual consultation. The course is given at the OOI training centre in Woerden and in-company.


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