Omschrijving / Description

This course covers various processing techniques and comprehensive systems using Foamglass cellular glass for both hot and cold applications. In addition to the practical part, the course includes a theoretical part. The course as whole provides insight into insulation details, the choice of auxiliary materials and the latest Foamglass insulation systems.

Resultaat / Result

After completing this course, you will be familiar with the various Foamglass insulation systems. Based on the professional tasks carried out and the guidelines covered during the course, you will be able to focus on the right details in the execution of insulation work in both cold and hot applications.

Doelgroep / Audience

Intended for all-round insulation installers.

Inhoud / Content

The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The following subjects will be covered:


    • Production and properties of Foamglass
    • Processing Foamglass and auxiliary materials
    • Foamglass caps and moulded parts
    • Explanation on choosing between of a hot or cold Foamglass system
    • Preventive insulation (corrosion under insulation/fire safety)
    • Foamglass Terostat system


    • Sawing and measuring and fitting work on pipe and tank
    • Single-layer and two-layer system
    • Making fitting pieces (bend/T-piece)
    • Working with Foamglass mitre box
    • Processing auxiliary materials
    • Execution of Foamglass Terostat System


Examen / Exam

The course is concluded with a practical and theoretical test. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an the 'Processor / Foamglass' certificate.

Vooropleiding / Pre-training

To be able to successfully complete this course, you need to have some experience with installing cold insulation.


The course dates vary, and will be scheduled in mutual consultation. The course is given at the OOI training centre and in-company.


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