Omschrijving / Description

The task of an insulation installer / sheet metal worker is to correctly install insulation; the preparations for this work are carried out by the measurer / work preparer. During this process, drawings are made of the system to be insulated. If you have the ambition to do this job, this course will help you on your way.

Resultaat / Result

The course material for this course will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed for simple measuring techniques, and you will learn to sketch and measure standard piping using the relevant symbols and abbreviations.

Doelgroep / Audience

Intended for insulation installers, insulation / sheet metal workers.

Inhoud / Content

The course is mix of theory and practice:


    • Lineal metres of piping
    • Bends
    • T-pieces
    • Elbows
    • Shut-off valves
    • Flanges


    • Two-part bend 90°
    • Bend 45°
    • T-piece 90°
    • T-piece 45°
    • Reducer
    • One-sided reducer
    • Shut-off valve
    • Tank


Examen / Exam

This course is not does not include an exam; at the end of the course day you will receive an certificate of participation from OOI.

Vooropleiding / Pre-training

To follow this course, participants must be able to read insulation drawings and understand the relevant symbols and abbreviations. If you are insufficiently familiar with reading insulation drawings, you must first follow the basic and advanced 'Drawing/reading isometric drawings' courses.


The course dates vary, and will be scheduled based on the applications received. The course is given at the OOI training centre and in-company. In order to pay sufficient attention to each participant, the group size is limited to six participants.


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