Omschrijving / Description

Do you work in the insulation sector and would you like to learn more about the profession? This course will give you an understanding of the basic principles underlying the techniques used in thermal and acoustic insulation, the materials and applications applied, and fire prevention.

Resultaat / Result

You will gain insight into the principles of insulation engineering. You will gain an understanding of the principles of thermodynamics and gain insight into why, when and through which means system components are insulated. You will also gain an understanding of the most common insulation and finishing materials and the applications.

Doelgroep / Audience

Intended for all insulation installers, including experienced or all-round insulation installers, who have not yet received specialised professional training. The course is also suitable for employees of insulation companies who do other types of work.

Inhoud / Content

The course mainly covers insulation theory. The following elements are covered:

    • Purpose of insulating
    • Preventing condensation and thus damage to structures
    • Fire prevention
    • Undisturbed production processes
    • Thermodynamics
    • Principle of heat and cold insulation
    • Condensation and dew point
    • Principle of preventing noise and noise nuisance
    • Knowledge of materials, auxiliary materials and applications
    • Types of insulating and finishing materials, properties and applications
    • Standard pipe dimensions and insulation lagging/tubes.


Examen / Exam

There will not be a test at the end of the course at the end of the course day, you will receive a certificate of participation from OOI.

Vooropleiding / Pre-training

No prior training or relevant work experience is required for this course.


The course dates vary, and will be scheduled based on the applications received. The course is given at the OOI training centre and in-company.


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