De Unie is a modern, independent trade union. We don’t mindlessly follow the latest trends in politics. Instead, we always represent the interests of our members, including and especially when a tailor-made approach or nuanced opinion are needed. As a trade union, De Unie is not tied to politics. Instead, we base our activities on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 18 of this declaration is also included in the articles of associations of De Unie.

A powerful trade union with a viable future requires a powerful association in which all members can participate and co-decide. The keyword here is ‘connect’. That means creating connections so that our members are properly represented and can identify themselves with their representatives and with the views they express.

CNV Vakmensen is the largest trade union within the umbrella organisation CNV. We represent the interests of our members in the industrial, construction, food and transport sectors. We help them to develop and we stand up for them when necessary.

VIB, the Dutch trade organisation for the thermal insulation sector, was founded in 1931 by insulation companies that wanted to join forces to represent their common interests, and since then VIB has developed into a very active, strong and independent sector association.



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