About OOI

About us

The mission of OOI, the Dutch training and development fund for the insulation sector, is to facilitate the recruitment, retention and development of skilled professionals for the insulation sector. OOI is the only fund in the Netherlands that has its own training institute, where we give training and courses in the field of insulation for employers and employees in the thermal insulation sector. OOI sets the bar high when it comes to good supervision of teachers, up-to-date course material, granting certificates of professional competence and the use of the latest techniques. With more than 25 years of experience, OOI is the leading training centre for professional courses and training programmes in the insulation industry.

Our offer

In the insulation sector, the quality of work largely depends on the professionalism of personnel. For maximum efficiency, the work must be prepared by experts and the insulation material must be installed by professionals. OOI offers employers and employees in the insulation sector professional courses and training. OOI offers more than fifteen different courses. No matter whether your insulation company operates in the non-residential building sector, shipbuilding or in the industrial sector, OOI always offers suitable courses for your employees. If your company operates in the industrial sector, you can choose to let your employees follow a very specialised training programme to earn the qualification of Industrial Insulation Installer. In addition, you can arrange an assessment of the competence level of your employees. Such an assessment can be used to quickly determine the competence level of the candidate, which reveals what (further) training is needed and enables OOI to teach the course or training in a more targeted way.

Independent and impartial assessment

Upon successfully completing their course, candidates will receive the qualification of Industrial Insulation Installer (IMI) or All-Round Industrial Insulation Installer (IMI-A), as well as a certificate of professional competence (under ISO 17024). The certificate of professional competence is issued by the certification body of OOI, Eureka Certificatie. Eureka Certificatie supervises that candidates meet the professional requirements under the Dutch standards and are therefore entitled to the qualification. In this way, the independence and impartiality of the exams is guaranteed and you as an employer can be certain that your employees are indeed competent professionals.

Board of OOI